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How it Works

Who We Are

Blissful Waters Float Center is a family owned small business providing Float Therapy, (sometimes known as Sensory Deprivation) in a relaxing spa environment. 

I am a busy mother and wife working in the fitness industry who suffered from anxiety and the typical stresses of life.

I have found that floating has calmed me, given me focus and gratitude.

Our family would like to share the benefits that floating has brought us to my community.

Melody Fraser, 

Owner and Float Coach

"By restricting sensory input, we increase awareness" ~Michael Hutchison - The Book of Float.

Float Experience

When you arrive at Blissful Waters Float Center you will sign in then your float coach will give you a tour of the float rooms and facility, preparing you for the ultimate float experience.  You will then change into a robe, slip into your slippers, and leave behind your belongings in a personal locker, before starting your relaxation journey in a zero-gravity massage chair. Your float coach will then show you to your private float room where you will shower and enter the float tank itself. The interior lights will be on and gentle music will play for the first 5 minutes, allowing you to relax and get accustomed to this unique environment of weightlessness. As the lights and music fade out, you’ll have the chance to experience something truly profound: A state of nothingness where all sensation is muted and the mind is free of outside stimulus. The lights and music are fully customizable so please let the attendant know if you have a preference.

At the end of your session, music and lights will slowly come on to let you know that your float journey has come to an end upon which you’ll take a refreshing shower to rinse the salt off your body. 

We hope you have some extra time to relax in our lounge, after your float and enjoy your “Post Float Glow”.